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Up Coming U.S. Elections – Winners Needed. so SOROS TEAMS UP WITH FACEBOOK – Investment Wa

The globalist propaganda and thought control company, Facebook, announced on Thursday that they will “use the Atlantic Council’ Digital Research Unit Monitoring Missions during elections and other highly sensitive moments” to ensure no meddling takes place in elections. In plain English, they’re going to meddle in elections to make sure that nobody else does.
 That’ not exactly correct, they’re going to make certain that as few conservative voices as possible are heard, even by those who desire conservative content, and that liberal, globalist, anti-American commies get the majority of space on their platform. Who better for them to partner with in the naked pursuit of globalist power objectives than George Soros? And with the midterm elections upcoming and the 2020 presidential contest coming into view, the timing for the open borders, anti-America crowd to join together to choke out pro-American voices couldn’t be more opportune.
The anti-Trump, anti-American Atlantic Council is funded by George Soros through his Open Society Foundation network.

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