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Ukrainian analyst: “Even Somalia is better than Ukraine”

Ukrainian analyst: “Even Somalia is better than Ukraine”


Kiev-based political analyst, Alexander Semchenko assessed the “achievements” of the Ukrainian authorities since the illegal Western-backed coup in 2014. “Since it gained independence 28 years ago, Ukraine only managed to squander all the achievements that it inherited from the Soviet Union, and even the country’s population itself was set on the path of extinction,” said Alexander Semchenko, a political analyst and blogger from Kiev. “We didn’t and still don’t create anything new, let alone something great. Just 16 years after the Great Patriotic War, USSR flew a man into space – a global event. Ukraine has been independent for 28 years, and what have we achieved? We destroyed the country. There was a great industrial base, the best human resources, (we were) one of the top industrial powers in the world. Ukraine was among the top ten. And what did we do with it? Even Somalia is better than Ukraine. Last year, the Somali delegation was allowed to vote at the World Health…
Source: Ukrainian analyst: “Even Somalia is better than Ukraine”

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