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Tucker Carlson: Trump is not capable

Tucker Carlson: Trump is not capable


Weekday nights Fox News Channel star, Tucker Carlson, can be found merrily berating hapless guests, grilling liberal pundits, and defending America’s working and middle classes. Puckish and pugilistic, the 49-year-old insists the Washington elites among whom he grew up despise America’s “normal people.” An ardent fan of Carlson who regularly tunes in to watch the hit cable gab fest is President Donald J. Trump. But as I learn in my interview with Carlson for the Swiss weekly DIE WELTWOCHE, the feelings are not entirely mutual. “Excuse me”, Tucker Carlson apologizes as his assistant, Emily, ushers me into his airy Fox News office in the Washington DC bureau. The phone on his desk is ringing. “This probably should be quick”, Carlson promises as he picks up. Every minute is tightly planned in Tucker Carlson’s studio. He is the break out cable news star of the year in US media. 2.7 million Americans turn on Fox News every night to watch the preppy tribune of the forgotten man….
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