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Tucker Carlson SLAMS United Airlines’ new plans to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion over safety

Tucker Carlson SLAMS United Airlines’ new plans to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion over safety

Tucker Carlson SLAMS United Airlines' new plans to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion over safety

Tucker Carlson ripped into United Airlines newly announced plans to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion over safety during a segment Wednesday evening on Fox News.

“The new United is very different. It’s a combination of a hyper-aggressive corporate HR department and a left wing political action committee. The new United airlines is big on moral pronouncements and mandatory social engineering. United has embraced equity.”

The airline announced Tuesday in a Twitter video that their “flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people onboard our planes every day. That’s why we plan for 50 percent of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color and quote United airlines is mandating affirmative action quotas in its flight schools.”

Tucker Carlson slams United Airlines’ new plans to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion over safety.

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) April 8, 2021


Social media was quick to slam to discriminatory practice and point out that many wanted the most skilled pilot regardless of their gender or melanin count. Carlson added to the criticism of the airline. “An airline pilot transports hundreds of people at a time in a thin walled metal tube going nearly 600 miles an hour, 35,000 feet off the ground. Flying a commercial airliner is dangerous, like performing heart surgery, no matter how many times you’ve done it, its inherently high stakes, people die. If you screw up in the airline business, as in medicine, not killing people is all that matters.”

The Fox News host continued, So how will racial and gender quotas make United airlines safer? That’s the only question that matters. The company CEO went on CBS news recently to explain. Only 7 percent of United airlines, pilots are women. One of the highest percentages in the industry and 13 percent of its pilots are people. They simply don’t have the access or the opportunity  interview with CBS news, United CEO, Scott Kirby is announcing a new effort to bring balance to the flight DEC for excited at United to be announcing the United aviation Academy to address the structural issues with the makeup of our pilot.

Carlson then broke down the data points of the airline. “So only 7 percent of United Airlines pilots are female only 13 percent aren’t white. Okay. But why exactly should we care about those numbers? An airline pilot’s job is to land the plane safely. Everything else is irrelevant. If a hundred percent, of United Airlines pilots were black women or Malaysian Muslims, or for that matter, white men from Alabama not a single same person would complain about it. As long as the airplanes didn’t crash, safety is all that matters, but you’ll notice the CEO of United didn’t mention safety. Safety is no longer that airline’s top concern, identity politics is now United will dispute that characterization.”

United Airlines sent a statement to the show objecting to the claims that they no longer prioritize safety. “United Airlines will continue to uphold its high standards.” Carlson replied, “they’re lying. We know they’re lying, and you know it too, because in the airline business, there is only one standard that matters, and it is not race and it’s not gender, it’s competence. The way people look is totally irrelevant, how they perform is all you should care about.”

Carlson continued, “Everyone knows that’s true very much, including the people who run this country, many of them don’t fly United. They don’t fly commercial at all. They use NetJets the largest private airline in the world. Has NetJets embraced equity or hiring quotas, of course not check out the Netjets website if you have a minute and they’ll tell you exactly what they’re looking for in the airline pilots, they hire.”

He then proceeded to quote the Netjets website. “We seek individuals who demonstrate an unwavering dedication to safety. That’s the first requirement on their list. We couldn’t find any mention of race or gender, and that should not surprise you because once again, race and gender are literally irrelevant to who flies your airplane, Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry, and the rest of our private jet dependent ruling class know that perfectly well. They will not be demanding quotas at NetJets anytime soon, their families fly on NetJets airplanes.”

“So, if on the basis of irrelevant criteria will over time, get people killed and it will. Why are they demanding it because they don’t care. They’re ideologues. They are suffering from an incurable brain disease called wokeness reality means nothing to them. It’s merely an impediment to their plans. Watch the new head of the DOJ civil rights division. Ironically, a black supremacist called Kristin Clark. It admit as much as she told us a few years ago, equity is more important than safety. Do you think that airlines should apply the same diversity rules you’re calling for here?”

Carlson then called out the absurdity of United’s new hiring methodology. “That they shouldn’t take the people who score the highest on the pilot tests, but that they should hire also on appearance. Look, every workplace, whether you’re talking about airlines or federal agencies should hire the best, but should place a premium on diversity. And for me, the way that you look or what you do, what you’re capable of doing. So like when you’re flying a plane, how important is it? What you look like, your appearance credibly important. And it’s also important that we have. It’s also important that we place a premium on diversity.”

Carlson concluded the segment by saying, “What you look like is an essential quality. It’s incredibly important in an airline pilot. What are we watching here? Exactly. What’s diluted, but it’s also pretty clearly a racial attack. Christine Clark is saying the CEO of United airlines is saying that we need to replace the pilots currently flying airplanes because they’re the wrong skin color. Only diseased people think like this.”

Source: Tucker Carlson SLAMS United Airlines’ new plans to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion over safety


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