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The Truth Is So Awful For Most People — They Would Rather Ignore This Stuff

The Truth Is So Awful For Most People — They Would Rather Ignore This Stuff

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My liberal-Democrat wife had to read it, even though it was on  “fucking Fox fucking News with that fucking Sean Hannity”….and even  she was COMPELLED to say – “I cannot fucking believe some of these sick  fucking stories from your fucking Q conspiracies are turning out to be  fucking true. What the actual fuck is going on?!?!”

We both read or watch TV before falling asleep; back in the day,  laying in bed together, there were a handful of nights where I would  flash her my phone and say “thoughts?” or “just curious, what do you see  happening in this picture?” (because I have to tiptoe around Q and  Trump shit in my mostly Liberal family).

I showed her the CCTV pic, the one taken at Epstein Island showing  the stairwells, and the rooms where some really fucking “not good” shit  was absolutely taking place. Its impossible to tell what is going on in  my opinion, but you KNOW it aint good. Also the ooooooold “Epstein  Island is BURNING” drops. This was WAAAAAAY before any of the recent  (recent meaning past 6 months) reporting about that island and the  activity & problems on it.

She remembered that. And she cannot stomach discussion about ANYTHING  happening to kids for more than 0.455 seconds. So when I hit her with a  screengrab of pg294 of the IG Report in a text message with the message  “Holy. Shit. Babe. WTF???”, she was just speechless and basically just  ignored it. HRC & Crimes Against CHILDREN. Yeah, explain that away.

Another picture I happened to show her back as they were dropped by Q  was of Raychel Chandler and Wild Bill on Epstein’s plane when she was  only 15years old. Lo and behold, Bill Clinton releases a statement he  has never been to the island or around underage girls with Epstein. So  when I saw the statement he made, I screengrabbed it and sent it to her  with the message ‘Babe, can you forward this picture over to Bill and  remind him about the 27 separate flight logs (I included the flight log  pic next) of him going there, and other places, sometimes ditching his  SecretService crew (which you can see in the notes on some of the trips)  with that old pic Q had dropped of Bill and young Raychel?”

Her reply was “well he is obviously lying, how can he not be in  trouble for this? Did he really do that sick shit you say they do with  the adrenochrome??? Do you REALLY believe that???” and I said very  calmly to her “I don’t have any direct evidence, so I can’t say I ‘know’  or that even ‘I believe’ it, but in my opinion, yes, when you start  looking how far all of this reaches, and ALIGNS, yes, in my opinion, I would put my money on BABY RAPING & EATING SATANISTS.”

We aren’t religious. Neither of us. To hear me say that is probably  shocking for her just because it implies me giving some validity to  scripture, and its coming from ME – “Mr Science, Logic & Coldly  Calculated Probability”…

They are waking up folks.

Source: The Truth Is So Awful For Most People — They Would Rather Ignore This Stuff

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