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The Suspicious “Suicide” of ER Doctor Lorna Breen

The Suspicious “Suicide” of ER Doctor Lorna Breen — May 6, 2020

Dr. Lorna Breen was the Medical Director of the Emergency Department at NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital. On Sunday April 26, she  “committed suicide.”

Yoichi Shimatsu speculates she may have objected to medical malpractice.

Or, she may have objected to treating the common flu like it were the bubonic plague.

“Then the unexpected happened at Allen; for some undisclosed reason, Lorna was told to leave the premises.”   The “undisclosed reason” must be revealed, as it may explain her death.

ER Doctor Suicided

By Yoichi Shimatsu — (excerpts by

The first harbinger of this emerging social-economic catastrophe is the reported “suicide” of New York’s most valiant and dedicated emergency room doctor, Lorna Breen MD, in an ongoing mystery that threatens to blow apart the smug leadership of America’s richest hospital. …

I am, as usual, skeptical since Breen was a devout Christian, a faith opposed to suicide as an out from worldly problems. Her faith and personal sense of mission for those in ill health meant there exist grounds for suspicion of foul play.

In these times of pandemic, proof is hard to obtain when a slew of malpractice issues are being tossed out with the body bags from nursing homes and hospital wards. Whatever our notions of compassion, pandemics are a time for house-cleaning, out with the old and in with the new. Show me a Mother Teresa nowadays or for that matter another Dr. Lorna…

The surge in coronavirus cases was obviously the greatest challenge in her career, quickly filling 170 of Allen’s 200 beds, with an out-patient flow in the thousands….

Then she came down with a coronavirus infection, and had to go into isolation at her mother’s home in Charlottesville. After about 10 days, her health recovered and so she returned to her post.

Then the unexpected happened at Allen, for some undisclosed reason, Lorna was told to leave the premises. She returned to Charlottesville to stay with her sister, where she reportedly tried to commit suicide by an undisclosed means and was rushed to University of Virginia hospital, where she soon died. Suicide seems out of character, so perhaps there was way more to it.

Obviously, key facts are missing from the received account. NY Presbyterian issued a bland statement in praise of her, but no details about why she was relieved of duty. During the ongoing COV pandemic, answers are not forthcoming. What little there’s to go on will have to do as to what precipitated the events leading to her death.



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Source: The Suspicious “Suicide” of ER Doctor Lorna Breen

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