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The Reality Of Socialism

The Reality Of Socialism

Socialism Isn’t A Failure. It’s A Fraud!

There is no shortage of empirical data that socialism fails every time it has been tried, and leaves the largest body count in it’s wake. Dr. Kristian Niemtietz’s “Socialism: The Failed Idea that Never Dies” documents the three distinct stages socialism goes through
  1. The Honeymoon Phase
  2. The What Aboutery Phase
  3. And finally, when all that’s left is a smoking crater and a pile of bodies, “the not real socialism phase”
Niemietz documents each occurrence of socialism in the 20th century in his book to show that central planning and redistribution simply do not work.
Then there’s the Black Book of Communism, which tallies up the body count of the socialist regimes of the 20th century (over 100 million souls).
So it’s curious, why are our intellectual, cultural and sundry political and economic elites decrying capitalism and promulgating socialism as a cure for societies perceived ills?

The answer, I think, is because socialism isn’t actually meant to succeed economically. It’s successful if it keeps the population under control, and the elites in charge.
Socialism, however unsuccessful, is quizzically normalized today. Politicians can even run for office proudly proclaiming their socialist ideologies and somehow it doesn’t make them untouchable and get them lumped in with their authoritarian brethren. It’s fashionable to be socialist again. It will never be acceptable, let alone hip, to be a fascist. (One down, one to go)

The secret sauce to make socialism palatable is what British documentarian Adam Curtis called “Hypernormalization”. To bastardize Voltaire’s famous quote, hypernormalization is the art of making the masses believe absurdities, so that their rulers can commit atrocities.

To be clear, Curtis believes that hypernormalization is a “fake world” created by corporations and maintained by politicians. I think the fake world was created by those in power, the State establishment, with complicity by certain factions within the corporate world and pretty well the entire mainstream media. It doesn’t really matter, it’s a chicken / egg scenario. What’s important to understand is that there is a an established cadre of those who wield power that straddles the State, the military, the media and corporatocracy. 

All the absurdities we are expected to believe today, from the idea that biological men are women so long as they stipulate they are, that the Kremlin is behind any outcome that hasn’t gone according to plan, that the world will literally end if we don’t reengineer society into a top-down control structure, within (pick one) 12 years, 10 years, 1 year or (perhaps the most telling one) “before the next election”.

Anybody who tries to debate these narratives, to present counterfactuals or alternative theories is fallaciously dismissed as one manner or another of “denialist”, “*phobic”, “hateful” or the catch all “racist”.

Relentlessly hammering home these absurdities softens up the public’s mind to accept increasingly hysterical climate alarmism, social justice extremism, and scapegoating of capitalism. The solution then presented, frequently delivered by multi-millionaire celebrities and/or multi-millionaire political aspirants, is socialism.

These hypernormal themes are narratives, they are not news. Yet they are incessantly repeated by corporate media and Hollywood, with guaranteed delivery of approved messaging by Silicon Valley tech giants, who also provide for concomitant attenuation of non-conforming data. It’s an effective simpatico for coordinating widespread indoctrination so that eventually we will wind up with a population clinging fervently to a completely inverted system of values:

Then, we become as the Kosekin. We are not there yet, but we see messaging designed to float trial balloons and soften us up for this two tier society. The majority underclass will have to forgo certain extravagances, and in this incarnation, it’s not to emancipate the proletariat, but to somehow centrally manage the climate of an entire planet.
The elites who recently convened at a conference on global warming via super-yachts and 114 private jets (for 300 attendees) grapple with these issues. Who knows what kind of sacrifices everybody else will have to make. Even air travel and cars may have to come off the table at some point.

The way things are going now, the masses will be fine with all of this. Socialism is poised to be the overall control structure for 21st century, and it will bear an uncanny resemblance to the society depicted in A Strange Manuscript found in a Copper Cylinder: a nihilistic anti-human death cult that abhors prosperity and leaves a small cadre of elites at the pinnacle of society to languish in opulence.

Source: The Reality Of Socialism

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