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The Mind Machine And Its 4 States Of Existence

The Mind Machine And Its 4 States Of Existence

The mind has 4 states of existence which it uses to survive within a matrix. These states function in a cycle and never lead to a congruent solution.

The mind, collective unconscious, intelligence, the me, the processor, information technology, AI — there are so many different words for this design unit, and they are meant to confuse us. All these terms are one and the same thing. It is a network that most people are plugged into, and governs the reality that most of us are projecting.

I have mentioned before for the naysayer that, once you fall prey to the me, to the mind, it takes quite a high level of consciousness to realize that you have mistaken yourself for this “overmind” that you have allowed to accommodate and take over.

The heavier the ego, the more your identity depends on what the mind, the parasite, is fooling you to be.


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