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The IDF stops its female tank training program

The IDF stops its female tank training program


The Israeli military has announced that it can’t afford to train female tank crews, months after 10 young women proved that they could operate and command tanks on par with men in a pilot program. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) put a lid on the prospect of having women as armor crews on Sunday. The decision was explained by reference to a cost-benefit calculation. “The assessment of the situation in the Ground Forces with the Armored Corps revealed that the next stage in the experiment requires a significant increase in manpower and infrastructure for the realization of the process,” the IDF said in a statement. “In light of this, it was decided that at this time it is appropriate to strengthen the integration of combat units in existing units, and not to establish new combat units. The knowledge to implement the process, if it is decided in the future, has been acquired and exists.”
Source: The IDF stops its female tank training program

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