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“The Devil has all The Good Stuff and all God has is a Bunch of Harps and Halos and Robes.”

“The Devil has all The Good Stuff and all God has is a Bunch of Harps and Halos and Robes.”

Visible Origami – May 5, 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

We all have dreams. We presently live in one and share a common dream of existence, where the veils of dream-weave exist in degrees of thickness. The Hindus call these veils, Samskaras. The Hindus have had the right composition of the universe, there for the seeing, for thousands of years. They have the terms and labels for pretty much anything you can think of and it is interesting… past interesting, that everything the physicists and mathematicians come up with, over the centuries, the Hindu Sages already had stated, in confirming scripture and texts, written long, long ago.

In the western tradition, we have these heavenly workers called The Elohim. It is my belief that they are known in the eastern tradition as The Saptarishis. If you go into scriptural definitions of Elohim you are going to get all kinds of confusing explanations that usually don’t explain anything. In my mind, The Elohim were the architects of the world. In a way they resemble the archangels and there appear to be seven of them, in each of these categories, from different traditions. They were the primary builders of the works of the days mentioned in Genesis and OTHER PLACES.

We humans also fit into categories. This is where The Seven Rays come into play and each of us is presently on one of them. Some… a very few can manifest out of any ray, depending on need. This can be understood by thinking of the term, Personality. We have a temporary self and that is the Personality and we have an enduring self. Those operating out of the latter can present in any personality they might choose to, depending on the need.

You are here as you are because of what you were before. It stands to reason that from this point in time, you can set your course toward ANYTHING you might desire to be and have it manifest further on. We are presently living in a world where many of us have done just that. You are seeing the evidence of it all around you in the lives of famous people. It is also true in the lives of some who are not famous. Everyone is doing what they thought they wanted to do and also paying the bills that come with that and also paying the other bills that are the natural result of Action-Reaction, Cause and Effect.

YOU CAN’T HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN THIS LIFE! BUT… you can have practically anything you want that you are willing to pay for at a later time. You CANNOT have it work out the way you want it to work out, because that takes a determination and certitude with your continuing presence, in the mix of it. This is VERY IMPORTANT to be aware of. Yes… you can be rich. Yes… you can be famous. Yes… you can rule the world or some part of it IF that is what you want more than anything else. NO ONE at any time has ever ruled the world entire. HOWEVER, the world is ruled by everyone who is correctly aligned with The World Ruler. Lao Tzu said it beautifully


He IS the master for Guidelines for Behavior in Life and there is none better (to my mind). Some people are thoughtlessly rich and some people are ‘STEWARDS OF THEIR WEALTH’. This is an IMPORTANT distinction.

Lao Tzu covered the deepest intricacies of every condition that could arise and how to deal with it and he did it in 81 sutras that he sat down and wrote out in a single afternoon, having been stopped by the gate warden at the China border, who was also an initiate and who asked him to do this before he rode off into the mist of legend. Yes… Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna and others all set out guidelines, whether it was The Beatitudes or The Eightfold Path or The Bhagavad Gita and they are complete schematics for each tradition but… for me… Lao Tzu went to the core issue beyond Right and Wrong, beyond Good and Evil. Truth be told, I refer to all of them but Lao Tzu had the most profound impact on me. Back to where we were before digressing…

Life is a playground. Existence is often called God’s Lila, or God’s Play. It is also Boot Camp and the be-all and end-all of education systems. It is the place where you get to do whatever you want to do and to find out what the results of that are. Whatever you want to do, you can do. Whatever you want to be, you can be. In some cases what you want to do may not take place HERE. You will show up wherever that can be experienced, ONCE YOU HAVE MET THE NECESSARY CRITERIA! Once you have jumped through the required hoops. You can be just like Madonna but you also get whatever the fallout is too. You can be like anyone you can think of here BUT… it comes with all the baggage that attends that role. As long as you are cool with that AND… all kinds of people are… you are good or bad to go. You’ll see how you feel about it once the novelty wears off.

We are all here living out what was required for what we were, or we are experiencing what we already paid for or will be expected to pay for later on. Besides this there are anomalies and exceptions to the rule. Some of us are creatures of destiny, for good or ill. Some of us are Wayshowers and some of us are obscurers of the way BUT all of us are examples FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION.

THINK! You can, right this minute, set about becoming whomever you want to become. My recommendation is to set the highest possible ideal you can think of. I personally would like to become The Sun and if I am willing to deal with the billions of years in the waiting room and all of the preparatory educating and transforming that will be needed, I can get that. I could LITERALLY become The Sun. Okay… I don’t really want to become The Sun. I do intend to become a good friend of The Sun and I am on my way in that regard. I like the idea of becoming an angel, even if it is a lesser role than the highest destiny for a human, and that being is the being that the angels serve. To me, there is no higher state than that of perpetual selfless service and I like the angel format. I like the idea of praising my creator through all of eternity. I like the idea of having a particular role in the scheme of the endless dramas of human and divine affairs. I like the idea of being on a mission entrusted to me by my creator and I don’t care about Free Will at all. I have no use for it. It only gets you in trouble. The very definition of Free Will should be TROUBLE and the SURE AND CERTAIN… Purpose of Demonstration to follow. Every star, like our sun, is a living being.

You may not be inspired in the same way as I am. You might have an entirely different objective in mind BUT NO MATTER WHAT THAT IS… you can get to do and be that. It is the WHOLE PURPOSE of manifest existence. Well… not really (grin) but it is one of the fixed features of it. Some people like The Merry Go Round and some people like The Rollercoaster or (snicker) The Tunnel of Love. Life is (can be) Disneyland for Real. Think of Halloween and all the characters people get up to. Life is a stage set for any and all of them and they all have their periods of time. There was Ancient Greece for certain rides and Ancient Rome for others. There was The Barbary Coast and The Renaissance. You want to be Michelangelo? You want to be Rembrandt? You want to be Tom Cruise? But what about Scientology?

Phillip Jose Farmer wrote a brilliant and entertaining series of books called, The Riverworld Series. As I remember it, it is an endless riverbank on which appears every historical figure you ever heard of and they all run into each other. Life is like that, after a fashion. Many of the well known historical figures are here presently as someone else. I and you are present, presently, as someone else.

You know that Army slogan, “Be all that you can be?” That is a real thing here. Be all you want to be. There is nothing stopping you. You do have to pay the freight in terms of Karma but… if you are good with that then you are good to go. You are going to wind up as someone doing something in any case. Why not let it be someone doing something you want to do? Of course, just about everything has an invisible warning sticker, OR SHOULD HAVE! Once again, “SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD, AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS; AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU!” Believe it!!! Why do so many people have such a cognitive disconnect about this? It is plainly stated. It is right there!!! “SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD, AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS; AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU!” Does it look like worms squiggling across the page for some reason? What is your problem?

People really need to give the dogmatic side of religion a time out. People need to step away from all the calculated horseshit, created by sinister manipulators of humanity, whose intent is to herd and to slaughter them. I ADVISE that you get your hands on a copy of THE LIVING GOSPEL. It is written upon your heart; in case you need to know its location. You can call it up. Drop the properly baited hook into the subconscious and it will rise to the surface once hooked. I am quite serious and the means have been delineated here about 500 times by now.

Really! What is this problem people have about first seeking the kingdom? You know what? They probably think they are only going to get the white bread homogenized version of ‘all these things added unto’. Yeah… they think God is going to cheat them; LIKE THE DEVIL WON’T??? They seem to think that The Devil has the good stuff and all God has is a bunch of harps and halos and robes. Someone has certainly taken the majority of you for a ride. Anyone who has had a taste of divine ecstasy; that interiorly cooked, heavenly moonshine (which in this case is sunshine) knows who does and does not have the good stuff BUT… what do I know?

End Transmission…….

Today’s Song is;

♫ God’s not Dead ♫

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Source: “The Devil has all The Good Stuff and all God has is a Bunch of Harps and Halos and Robes.”

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