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Saxons did not invade Britain after Romans left

Saxons did not invade Britain after Romans left


The ‘Anglo-Saxon era’ that is widely believed to have followed the withdrawal of the Romans from Britain in 410AD may have never existed, according to a University of Cambridge expert. Schools teach that, after Romans left Britain, Britain was invaded and colonised by a throng of German-speaking barbarians from Europe, known as the Saxons. This, common wisdom dictates, then gave birth to the so-called Anglo-Saxon era which endured in some guise until the Norman conquest of 1066. This theory is based on the prevalence of German-based languages and questionable interpretations of historical records. However, Professor Susan Oosthuizen believes the invasion and colonisation, which is thought to have occurred in the 5th century, never happened. Comment: A turbulent period: 536 AD: Plague, famine, drought, cold, and a mysterious fog that lasted 18 months
Source: Saxons did not invade Britain after Romans left

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