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New ‘e-clothing’ developed by researchers at Purdue University

New ‘e-clothing’ developed by researchers at Purdue University


West Lafayette, Ind. – A new addition to your wardrobe may soon help you turn on the lights and music – while also keeping you fresh, dry, fashionable, clean and safe from the latest virus that’s going around. Purdue University researchers have developed a new fabric innovation that allows wearers to control electronic devices through clothing. “It is the first time there is a technique capable to transform any existing cloth item or textile into a self-powered e-textile containing sensors, music players or simple illumination displays using simple embroidery without the need for expensive fabrication processes requiring complex steps or expensive equipment,” said Ramses Martinez, an assistant professor in the School of Industrial Engineering and in the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering in Purdue’s College of Engineering. The technology is featured in the July 25 edition of Advanced Functional Materials. “For the first time, it is possible to fabricate textiles that can…
Source: New ‘e-clothing’ developed by researchers at Purdue University

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