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Media Pandemic Scare Stories

Media Pandemic Scare Stories

Introduction – May 25, 2020

What follows is another media pandemic scare story aimed at whipping up public fear and anxiety. It works on the same principle as the horror stories we were fed about Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. Remember them? Their objective was to foment fear among the public so they would have accepted something that in normal times would have been totally unacceptable.

In 2003 it was the invasion of Iraq, on the pretext of confiscating Iraq’s WMD. As it turned out there weren’t any but the media scare stories did the trick and the invasion went ahead and years of conflict ensued.

Now we are being fed more scare stories about Covid-19 and many of these reports are just as baseless as those about Saddam’s WMD.

UK hospital closes A&E and no longer accepting new patients due to high number of coronavirus cases

Shaun Lintern – The Independent May 25, 2020

An NHS hospital has been forced to close its accident and emergency department to new admissions today as a result of high numbers of patients with style=”text-decoration:underline;”> coronavirus.

Weston General Hospital, in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, stopped accepting A&E patients at 8am this morning.

The trust said patients who needed care would be treated elsewhere in the local area.

It has not said how many new patients with the virus have been admitted or whether the closure has followed a sudden surge in cases.

In a statement on the trust website it said: “Weston General Hospital will temporarily stop accepting new patients, including into its A&E department, as of 8am today.

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Bristol’s Nightingale Hospital in mid-April, prior to opening in early May. Click to enlarge

If the Independent was engaged in REAL journalism it would do some investigation. A little research reveals that Bristol’s Nightingale Hospital, a three-hundred bed facility set up specifically to treat Covid-19 patients, is just 21 miles from Weston Super Mare.

Crucially, the facility has been virtually EMPTY since it opened in early May. Why can’t Weston’s coronavirus patients be sent there? See:

Bristol’s Nightingale Hospital remains empty a week after opening

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