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London Billboard Encourages White People to Get Sterilized

London Billboard Encourages White People to Get Sterilized

Kyle Hunt – Renegade Tribune Nov 3, 2019

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Instead of kicking out all the third world invaders who have made indigenous Brits a minority in their capitol city, Whites are being encouraged to sterilize themselves to make the city less crowded. The billboard reads, “Do Your Part, Get Sterilised! Yay!” and one of the girls has a t-shirt that reads “no more sperm.”

This billboard featuring White cartoons, which would usually be seen as racist since the rainbow of brown “diversity” is not represented, is obviously targeting White Brits, getting them to think they will make the city a better place by ending their bloodlines. This would make way for more child rape rings (aka grooming gangs), knife-wielding youths, and people who think throwing acid on a woman’s face somehow equates to honor.

“Diversity” has always really meant less White people, and is truthfully just a euphemism for White genocide. The people behind this billboard, though their identities have been hidden from the public, assuredly do not care one bit about improving the city. Any city that undergoes White ethnic cleansing quickly devolves into a third world hellhole, like Detroit.

The propaganda is so obvious these days. They convince White people that they need to stop having children in order to have more fun and save the environment and then say that we need a massive influx of invaders in order to keep the economy running as the White population ages and declines.

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Added to this is the chemical assault that is causing many young people to become sterile, even though they might want to have children.

If a man and a woman (how binary!) actually are able to conceive, getting an abortion is now portrayed as something heroic, and a rite of passage for every young White woman.

Gloria Steinem, Jewish subversive & CIA asset

Recently in the UK, a pro-life billboard was taken down by Clear Channel, who pledged to donate the money they received for the advertisement to the Abortion Support Network.

Seeing an image of a living fetus is very offensive, but murdering said fetus is perfectly acceptable

Twitter-can you get me the CEO of @CCUK_Direct advertising? how much did you get for this crap? @metpoliceuk still think this is just ‘free speech’ and not harassment of women in walthamstow? Am sorry for the graphic images and @patel4witham am reaching out to you for help now.

— stellacreasy (@stellacreasy) September 30, 2019

They want us to sterilize ourselves and murder our unborn children in order to create “a better world” (for them to rule over). They want us all gone. We must stop their genocidal agenda.



Source: London Billboard Encourages White People to Get Sterilized

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