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Kurds march on White House as US ally Turkey bombs Kurdish town of Afrin : DC Direct Action News : F

On the 26th of January, DC area Kurds and their supporters marched
on the White House to demand that the US not support Turkey’s offensive
against Rojava and instead impose a no-fly zone.For a week US ally
Turkey has been bombing and shelling the Kurdish town of Afrin, even
though the Kurdish YPG was the main fighting force in the regional war
against Daesh(ISIS). Turkey’s theocratic President Erdogan may of course
prefer Daesh to autonomous Kurds.

The protest in DC began with a rally at the State Dept, then marched
past the IMF and World Bank to finish with a protest at the White House.
This was one of many protests held around the world against Erdogen’s
terror bombing and invasion of Kurdish lands. The US is theoretically
opposed to Turkey’s offensive but so far has done nothing to control
their ally’s aggression.

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