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James Comey, a menace to society

James Comey, a menace to society

Is there a person on earth more oleaginous than James Comey? The man known for his phonogenic and photogenic memory suddenly can hardly remember anything at all. In short, he lied, over and over again while being questioned by members of Congress recently. Given his memory deficits, he was most assuredly too incompetent and unaware to be head of the FBI . Yeah, right. He has a good memory and he’s a practiced but bad liar. He thinks he is a cover-up artist. If there is any justice left in America, he will be charged with a panoply of crimes. He obviously should have been fired long ago, certainly on the first day of the Trump administration. Like his pal Robert Mueller, Comey has long pretended to be non-partisan when in fact he is a vicious and supremely arrogant anti-Trump zealot. In the talk he gave at the 92nd Street Y a week ago, he bragged about flaunting the process and took advantage of the “chaos” of an administration four days old. In collusion with John Brennan, James…

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