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Is Bill Gates Planning an Imminent “Bio-Terror” Attack?

Is Bill Gates Planning an Imminent “Bio-Terror” Attack? — April 29, 2020

Bill Gates is getting ready for “Pandemic Two” and a Bio-Terror Attack.

April 30th – May 1st is the climax of the satanic Beltane holiday.

How long are we going to suffer this psychopath?

by Frank — (

Bill Gates who magically predicted a global pandemic 5 years ago, gave another odd, startling prediction recently on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Colbert asked Gates “What else are we not listening to, that we need to take action on now?”

Gates replied “Well, the idea of a bio-terrorist attack is kind of the nightmare scenario, because they’re a pathogen with a high death rate.” 

Colbert turns his head in laughter.

Gates goes on “The good news is most of the work we are going to do, to be ready for pandemic two, I call this pandemic one, most of the work we’re doing to be ready for that, are also the things we need to do to minimize the threat of bio terrorism.”

So in other words, they are putting the finishing touches on the 5G surveillance grid infrastructure.

He is creating a repressive Big Brother society where the fearful masses stand in line to get their vaccinations and the bio-metric chip (ID2020) to carry their vaccination records, so they can track our every move with the chip or phone app, as we continue to uphold strict physical distancing measures.

Dees Mandatory Vaccine. Click to enlarge

One can be certain the retina scanners and facial recognition scanners are part of the deal, following the Chinese social credit model. Oh, and let’s not forget some form of digital currency, a chip perhaps to save us from all that dirty “corona” money.

While many asleep and panic stricken individuals will go along with their plan, many will not. So the question is – What would it take for the majority to give up their freedoms for perceived safety?

Maybe a bio-terrorist attack?

It seems Bill Gates is certain that a bio-terrorist attack is coming soon. He should know, right? Gates is apparently a vaccine expert and now a bio terrorist expert as well. Truly amazing!



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Source: Is Bill Gates Planning an Imminent “Bio-Terror” Attack?

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