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Hillary Sinks To New Low As Liberal Publication Gives Insane Offer, Teenagers Affected

Hillary Sinks To New Low As Liberal Publication Gives Insane Offer, Teenagers Affected



Jacqueline Havelka

You’ve got to wonder what’s in the water over at Teen Vogue. Why? Because the magazine has decided to let Hillary Clinton be guest editor of one of their issues. Yeah, probably because she appeals so much to teen girls and young millennials.

Teen Vogue is winding down its print editions soon, and they just announced on Twitter that Hillary will serve as a guest editor for one of those last issues. The announcement was a bit more epic than it needed to be:

“Today, we’re announcing a very special issue of Teen Vogue, guest-edited by @HillaryClinton — the first-ever female Presidential candidate nominated by a major party, a woman who sits at the center of a historic paradigm shift.”


What shift is occurring? She lost the election. If they mean a shift toward corrupt, question leaking, primary rigging uranium toting, money laundering, Benghazi lying political leaders, then that is going to be one issue of Teen Vogue that I will definitely want to read.

Now, here is the part that will make you gag. Apparently, the feature item in this issue is a letter that Clinton will write to her teen self. Vogue has already begun advertising it, saying, “Hillary Clinton’s Letter to Her Teenage Self Is So Powerful.” Vogue gives readers a little teaser; the beginning of the letter says,

“Dear Hillary, Well, you’ve nearly finished your first semester at Wellesley—congratulations!” and ends with “Believe in yourself. You’re going to do great.”

Clinton apparently talks about meeting Bill. Brace yourself.

“Down the road, your tall, handsome boyfriend who’s crazy about politics will ask you to move to Arkansas with him. It will be a pretty outlandish suggestion—in fact, your friend Sara will spend the entire drive to Little Rock trying to talk you out of it—but your heart will steer you right. Later, that same man will encourage you to run for the U.S. Senate. He say’s you’d be great at it and the he would vote for you. You should do that, too.”

It continues:

“Oh, and when president-elect Barack Obama says he wants to talk to you about a job opportunity in his cabinet, hear him out. Serving your community, your state, and your country will be the greatest privilege of your life.”

Understandably, these are the musings of a woman looking back on her life with selective memory about what actually occurred. Because it is a teen magazine, it is probably inappropriate to talk about what really happened.

That “tall, handsome boyfriend from Arkansas” had multiple affairs, even in the Oval Office. Monica Lewinsky’s famous blue dress is on display at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock. (God, I hope the cigar is not there).

We all remember the “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” speech. Guess it was hard to find the proper spot for THAT in the letter.

It probably was Clinton’s privilege to serve as Secretary of State, but this was also the era in which history will likely prove her to be at her most corrupt self.


Her letter should have contained some other things like, “When you get the urge to smash and Bleachbit all those phones, don’t do it.”

Or what about, “When you’re encouraged to say the Benghazi incident started with a Youtube video, don’t lie. Oh, and don’t lie to the parents of the slain Benghazi victims either.”

What about, “When Bill is bound and determined to get on that plane with Loretta Lynch, talk him out of it.”

Or, “when you lose the 2016 presidential election by being crushed by Donald Trump, have the decency to show up at the Javitz center and other parties to support people who worked tirelessly to get you elected. Resist the urge to have a backstage bitch fit like you apparently did.”

The letter could go on and on. “Don’t take money from Harvey Weinstein. Don’t get involved in the Uranium One deal. Don’t do your pay-to-play scheme and get millions donated to the Clinton Foundation. Don’t take over the DNC finances while you are an active candidate.”


Maybe if Hillary actually had written a letter to her teen self, her career and life could have gone much differently. As it stands, we’re left to the musings of a fantasy letter to her teen self.

Anyone interested can read the magazine on news stands December 5.

Source: Hillary Sinks To New Low As Liberal Publication Gives Insane Offer, Teenagers Affected

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