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‘Full-scale emergency’: what the papers say about Boris Johnson’s move to intensive care

‘Full-scale emergency’: what the papers say about Boris Johnson’s move to intensive care

Introduction – April 7, 2020

Such are the mind games being played by the establishment now that one has to ask: is Boris John really as badly ill as we are being told? Or is this all part of a carefully contrived drama to underline the need to comply with the lockdown?

After all, governments in the West have repeatedly resorted to staged terror attacks and false flags in the “War on Terror” so why should Johnson’s sudden decline in health be any different? For all we know this could be part of a deceptive drama to keep us in compliance.

The media is as much a part of the machinery used to control us as the government. So what the papers say below is all just subtle variations on the official line.

Call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you like but I just don’t buy the official line on this. We’ve witnessed so many deceptive dramas that have been staged to build support for Western governments’ policies that we should view these reports with some healthy scepticism.

How do we know that Boris Johnson’s health is really as bad as we are being told? This is from the same corporate media that have repeatedly lied and deceived us about 9/11, 7/11 and the “War on Terror”. If they can deceive us about something as big and in your face as the World Trade Center collapse then Boris Johnson’s health would be a minor deception in comparison. Ed.

‘Full-scale emergency’: what the papers say about Boris Johnson’s move to intensive care

Martin Farrer – The Guardian April 7, 2020

Headlines in the British press, Tuesday april 7, 2020. Click to enlarge

The sharp decline in Boris Johnson’s health makes for a series of grave front pages on Tuesday.

The Times’ headline reads “PM in intensive care” and reports on sources saying that Johnson needed four litres of oxygen. The papers says this is well below the normal threshold of 15 litres and suggests the prime minister’s case is not as serious as some admitted to ICU.

The Mirror says “Sick Boris faces fight for life” across a picture of a pallid-looking Johnson taken from a government video last week. It agrees that the PM’s illness raises some awkward questionsfor the way the country is being run and says cabinet ministers will never be forgiven if they are seen to be scoring points off each other in a fight for a potential succession.

The Mail also chooses the same image as the Mirror alongside a headline reading “Now stricken Boris taken to intensive care”. It also notes that his pregnant girlfriend, Carrie Symonds, is self-isolating in London and has been unable to see him.

The Mail reports inside on how “the crisis over Boris Johnson’s health turned into a full-scale emergency”, with his doctor immediately telling him he had to go to hospital after seeing him struggling for breath on a conference call on Sunday.

The Sun headline says “Boris in intensive care” while the Metro says “PM put in intensive care unit” and the i opts for “Prime minister in intensive care with coronavirus”.

The Telegraph headline is “Johnson in intensive care” and on the inside pages the paper’s former editor, Charles Moore, is sharply critical of comments by the one-time Whitehall mandarin Lord Kerslake, who told the BBC that Johnson would have to “reflect on his position” if his illness continued. Citing the example of Winston Churchill, who suffered two bouts of serious illness during the second world war, Moore looks forward to Johnson recovering and says: “I think both Britain and Boris have a stronger constitution than Lord Kerslake allows.”

The Express, whose headline is “Boris moved to intensive care as health worsens”, highlights in one of its stories a comment by BBC journalist Andrew Neil who posted on Twitter a statistic about the dangers of the virus if you have not recovered after 10 days. The BBC host wrote: “This virus either gives up and you recover with no damage done or it really decides to go for you and you have a 50:50 chance. The PM’s decision to work through his isolation will not have helped. Nor loneliness in Downing St.”

Finally, the Financial Times says “Johnson moved to intensive care as persistent symptoms worsen”.



Source: ‘Full-scale emergency’: what the papers say about Boris Johnson’s move to intensive care

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