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Foods infused with artificial colors

Foods infused with artificial colors


Natural food colors are super important to consumers when shopping for fresh food and quality food, so the richest companies and corporations in America create illusions to steal your hard-earned money and convince you to purchase aging, cheaper food at “quality pricing.” You’ve heard of Kellogg’s and McDonald’s right? These two companies are constantly trying to win over customers with their latest “health claims” – consumers who realize most of what these Big Food giants manufacture and sell is processed, genetically modified, and causes health decay. The latest claim these junk-science giants propagate is that they will purge artificial coloring from their sales tricks, thus admitting to fraud and false advertising in the process. Did you know every burger at McDonald’s was artificially colored up until a few months ago? Yep. You probably also know that most kid’s cereals are jacked up with artificial coloring from petrochemicals, but we won’t bore you with all that old news….
Source: Foods infused with artificial colors

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