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“Finding our Way out of the False Names and Forms of this Deceptive World of Appearances.”

“Finding our Way out of the False Names and Forms of this Deceptive World of Appearances.”

Reflections in a Petri Dish – May 19, 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

We live in a world of Names and Forms. It is through the senses, as tools of the mind that we label and identify the components of life. One of the definitions of the word, Adam, is “namer of things”. I have the advantage of access to occult history and perspective and it mainly influences all of my positions, whatever they may be. The word, ‘Occult’, is a hot button item for many who choose to use it as a catchall for whatever they consider to be evil, or forbidden and this is often the province of spiritual infants, riding around on their tricycles, with training wheels, that is their elementary understanding of Religion and life. They are mostly Fundamentalists, as we see from the sophomoric reactions that our work causes at other sites. They peddle madly, going round and round in circles, while mouthing things they read, that someone who didn’t know what they were talking about, told them was true

I do not use that word to define an entire area of human enterprise. I use it as the dictionary defines it; ‘not revealed’, ‘hidden’, ‘secret’. We all have access to the common lies and fabrications of Official History and Conventional Wisdom. We DO NOT all have access to Occult- or hidden- history and that is only because most of the time we do not know where to look for it. Those who CONTROL THE NARRATIVE of what people are encouraged to take as gospel, make it a point to keep the truth out of the educational systems and all of the usual media, because these are used to control what people think and feel. We are PROGRAMED to accept one version as true and all other versions as false.

Whenever I use the word, OCCULT, I mean ONLY what is hidden. What it means to you is your business.

An easily accessible source for occult history would be something like, Manly Palmer Hall’s, “The Secret Teachings of all Ages.” Here is a digital copy online that you can download. One can also find all sorts of interesting, generally hidden, tidbits about WHAT REALLY OCCURRED in the works of Alice Bailey, Arthur Edward Waite, as well as in the writings of Hermeticists, Legitimate Alchemists and others. There are also any number of FAR OUT resources like “The Urantia Book” and Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson (downloadable PDF) by Gurdjieff. The only thing I ever liked by Gurdjieff was his “Meetings with Remarkable Men” (because I have had these experiences).

(I do not recommend ANY of these books, I simply post them as examples)

Gurdjieff was a KNOWN TRICKSTER. He had a follower named, P.D Ouspensky that he fed all sorts of outrageous information just to watch him dance, metaphorically speaking. I’m no fan of Gurdjieff but if you are a dry, torporous, dense-minded academic, given to pontificating and ‘dog chasing his tale’ intellectual convolutions that lead to nothing, you might like him. You’ll find no Quintessence or Telesma there and that is what I seek and employ in my life. I seek LIVING and VIBRANT teachings, granted to the sincere, by agents of the ineffable, everlasting one. At some point you have to put the books and arguments aside, as well as the company of people who are religiously addicted to NAME AND FORM and who measure their own worth by how many things they can identify and argue with you about. I run into them as I come and go; these dogs that bark after caravans but you can lose your life and gain NOTHING by engaging them.

Stay far away from people who like to argue and who spend their time tearing away at everything you say because they think it elevates them. It does not. There are accomplishments one can possess IN THE EYES OF MEN …but accomplishments in the eyes of men count for NOTHING. It is what you accomplish in the eyes of the agents of the ineffable, everlasting one, that counts. PERIOD!!!

We can become discouraged, IF WE PERMIT IT. We can become downhearted and weak in spirit, IF WE PERMIT IT. We can fall into the Slough of Despond and the Marsh of Despair, IF WE PERMIT IT.

Let me remind you that The Avatar is coming. The Avatar may already be here but is, as yet, unannounced. He may be still sweeping his way down through the planes, with his magnetic broom that catches every trace of cosmic lint and evidence of principalities or powers, or rulers of the darkness of this world, or of spiritual wickedness in high places. He may yet be waiting for the appointed moment to begin this. I know not where he is at the moment but I DO KNOW that HE IS and let me state yet again what it is that he engages in when he gets here; “Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

There are mere children in the bodies of adults, running amok in these times and proclaiming that their religion is THE ONLY RELIGION, even when proponents of their religion have spread horror after horror across the centuries and who seek to establish theocracies of despotic rule. In some cases they have ALREADY established theocracies of despotic rule. Only a few years ago, a school caught fire in Saudi Arabia and male members of that religion drove the female school teachers back into the burning building, because they had forgotten their head wrappings before coming out. THEY PERISHED IN THE FLAMES! This is what organized religion and Fundamentalism accomplish.

In another religion, psychopathic rabbis cut the sexual organs of the male children and then suck on the bloody flesh! What manner of deluded and depraved entities do these things? Another religion burned people at the stake, while first torturing them with medieval instruments because they didn’t like what they might have said, or because THEY THOUGHT they might be doing something wrong, simply because some twisted soul accused them of it. REMEMBER THIS! REMEMBER THE ABUSED AND BUGGERED children who found themselves in the hands of perverted priests. None of these have anything to do with God. God does not engage in these things.

God is a living thing! God is not relics or the author of mutilated scriptures. God does not mince about in ermine robes with a ridiculous hat on his head. God is LOVE and selfless service. God is the anonymous healer and helper, moving unknown through the confused masses, in search of hearts and minds seeking to blossom, beneath the sunlight of his love.

We live in a world of names and forms and whatever you name it, so it becomes for you. You can be imprisoned by this and many are. You LITERALLY live in a world of your own creation and because you have been made confused by those whose vocation it is to deceive you, your servants eat your food and drink your wine and laugh at your stupidity, which has closed your eyes to the beauty of yourself, while you wander amnesiac and hungry through a world you do not understand, because you made it familiar, according to how you named and identified it. The beginning of understanding is the visceral cry of, “I DON’T KNOW!” God ALONE KNOWS. AND if you possess a contrite and humble heart, God will be pleased to inform you, through the intuition, of EVERYTHING you ever will need to know, WHEN YOU NEED TO KNOW IT.

You can spend your life arguing with fools or you can GO WITHIN and seek out the GOD WITHIN. The degree of intensity you put to this task is the determinant of how long it will take. You could not be alive if God were not resident within you. God IS THE LIFE in you. You could not think or feel if God were not present. It is by the power of God that you think and feel and God is in EVERYONE YOU MEET, no matter how they may appear. Communicate ONLY with that persona. If you want to find The Devil you can make him appear in others but it will be The Devil in you that is looking for him.

The Hindus have a term, ‘Namaste’. What it means is, “I celebrate the God within you.” The usual translation is, “the light in me bows to the same light within you.” DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that somehow confusing? Not to me. Once you have VISCERALLY understood that God is in everything and composes everything and animates everything, you simply move through life with the awareness of it, serving as you go. Presently, the majority of us are listening to the voices of the world. These voices are uniformed, deceptive and misleading and will get you nowhere, or worse. Once you silence these voices in your head, the true Voice of the Silence will begin to speak. I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE and no one can convince me otherwise.

You have to steel yourself for the objections of those WHO DO NOT HAVE THIS EXPERIENCE and who then insist that you do not have it either because they don’t. There is a good reason why they don’t have it. Simply go your way, supremely contented with the remarkable reality of God speaking to you, through the stepped down transformers of his agents, who transmit his thoughts to you. ALL OF THIS is MORE REAL than the world you are moving through and you need not take my word for it. It is what ALL OF THE TEACHERS and WAYSHOWERS of humanity have been saying since they first began to speak.

End Transmission…….

Today’s Song is= I am Alive

To Pocketnet, to Pocketnet, to buy a fat pig.

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

To Pocketnet, to Pocketnet, to buy a fat hog,

Home again, home again, jiggety jog.

To Pocketnet, to Pocketnet, to find nothing there

Home again, home again, the cupboard is bare

Well… you could always go back to Pocketnet, maybe you just missed it the first time.

Here is a short clarification for Hieronymus and others about The Man on the Beach. I met a man on the beach in Big Sur. He had certain characteristics of behavior, not to mention, an appearance that was unlike anyone you are likely to meet. The best I can say is that he looked remarkably like one those Japanese figurines you see with large foreheads. He looked like no one I have ever seen in life. I spent the day with him and he told me many things. In succeeding days I found myself snorting and casting out thoughts, though I didn’t know what it meant. I felt this personality coming more and more into me and then, a few months later, at a cabin in the woods in Virginia, I had a full blown Kundalini event that lasted near full on for several years and it was obvious to me he was the author of it. I had no idea of who he was at the time and have not seen him since, though I am sure I will. Many many other things happened concerning him but I don’t have the time for that at the moment and I’ve gone into these things in detail here but don’t know where to send you because I haven’t kept track of what I said, when I said it.





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Source: “Finding our Way out of the False Names and Forms of this Deceptive World of Appearances.”

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