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Europe’s migrant crises: Accidental or predesigned?

Europe’s migrant crises: Accidental or predesigned?

For the past decade, the coast of Europe has been inundated with a practically ceaseless flow of migrants from the Mideast and Africa almost all under the guise of “refugees” fleeing from some war and chaos in their own lands. At first, most Europeans welcomed them with open arms, having been pressed by their governments and religious leaders to do so out of charity and compassion. As time passed though, it became more and more clear that the great bulk of those crossing over where not in fact refugees at all, but mere economic migrants falsely claiming asylum status, settling in ethnic ghettos of extrajudicial religious practices that are alien to the European spirit. Confronted by the increasingly dismal conditions which now plagued portions of their nations, many began to investigate further into not only what has caused the migrant influx but who benefits both directly and directly by it.

Source: Europe’s migrant crises: Accidental or predesigned?

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