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East versus West division is about the dollar – not nuclear war

East versus West division is about the dollar – not nuclear war

The interesting thing about working in alternative economics is that inevitably you will become the designated buzzkill. You may be presenting the facts on the ground and the reality behind the numbers, but most of what you have to report will not be pleasant. Alternative economists are doomed to be labeled “doom and gloomers.” And that’s okay…

The truth is what it is, and sometimes it hurts people obsessed with undue positivism and bull market naivety. However, as bad as we seem to be when it comes to a negative outlook, we do not necessarily present the most ugly options on the table.

There is an undeniable trend by some within the liberty movement to assume a Mad Max-style end game to our ever expanding house of cards. That is to say, they see the only plausible outcome being apocalyptic in nature, and nuclear holocaust fits well within this viewpoint. In many cases, the argument is sometimes presented that WWIII is in the best interests of global elites seeking a catalyst for their so-called “new world order.”

Comment: We’ve not heard that variant before, but ‘nuclear armageddon’ is certainly on a lot of people’s minds.

This is not to say that I don’t think WWIII is a possibility; it certainly is. But I remain rather skeptical of the usefulness of nuclear war for the elites. Primarily because everything they openly claim they hope to accomplish can be accomplished without nukes.

Comment: What’s been useful for the elites, since 1945, is the THREAT of nuclear war, which is why they detonated those first ones in Japan – to show off ‘what they can do’. From there, they’ve been able to bully and brutalize countries everywhere into toeing the line.
Source: East versus West division is about the dollar – not nuclear war

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