Defense Sec. Mattis meets with Amazon’s Bezos

Defense Sec. Mattis meets with Amazon’s Bezos

As part of US Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ two-day trip to visit the giants of the tech industry, he has met with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, whom President Donald Trump has accused of running the Washington Post as a tax shelter.

Mattis met with Bezos on Thursday, and toured the Amazon facilities in Seattle, Washington. This trip was also scheduled to include a stop in Mountain View, California, later in the day, according to Reuters. “A pleasure to host #SecDef James Mattis at Amazon HQ in Seattle today,” Bezos wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

While in Mountain View, Mattis will tour the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Experimental Unit (DIUx), a post set up in 2015 by Mattis’ predecessor, Ash Carter. The unit is being used as a way to funnel civilian technology to the Defense Department for military use.

When Mattis was asked if he saw the value in DIUx, he said, “I want to see results. I want to see what they’re doing with their location and the ideas that they’re bringing, they’re harvesting – what are we getting out of it?” The Hill reported. “I’m not coming out here questioning the mission, I think, is what – is what you’re asking, though,” Mattis added.

Source: Defense Sec. Mattis meets with Amazon’s Bezos

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