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Britain finally Brexits into an uncertain future

Britain finally Brexits into an uncertain future


Sing Hallelujah! The wicked witch is dead. The anti-democratic super-state, into which we were taken in 1973 (fittingly, without a vote being cast) thanks to Labour rebels providing Tory PM Ted Heath with his majority, is no more. At least for us. Though I doubt we will be the last to leave the failing fading cluster. Leading Labour rebel Roy Jenkins, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, former chancellor, former home secretary, later president of the European Commission, was dumped on his ample backside out of Parliament in 1987 by me. It was my greatest victory. Without Jenkins and his 80 fellow apostates Britain would never have joined the cursed cluster, because the Conservatives – then, as now – contained enough of the patriotic bourgeoisie to stop the globalist prime minister and yachtsman Heath. Our membership of the Common Market, thus born in treachery, sailed ever deeper into public rejection. Comment: Notably Ted Heath was compromised: Frightening pattern of behavior:…
Source: Britain finally Brexits into an uncertain future

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