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Another failed soft coup by the West in Macedonia

Another failed soft coup by the West in Macedonia

The results are in, and VMRO has beaten back yet another ‘soft coup’ attempt in the Republic of Macedonia. Although there were very legitimate fears that SDSM and its foreign backers might resort to large-scale voter fraud and other such tricks in order to tip the scales in their favor, this was averted because of the due diligence of the country’s patriotic civil society. Macedonian journalists descended on Tearce and their presence served as a deterrent to the illegal activity that was planned.

Once more, the world sees that people can in fact make a difference, just as they did in repelling the prior two Color Revolutions and now this last-ditch attempt to steal the parliamentary vote away from VMRO. The Macedonian example is very educational because it’s full of instances in which regular folks organized themselves to defend against the asymmetrical regime change aggression being launched against their country. In the future, the victimized citizens of other countries can recall the example set forth for them by the Macedonians in improvising their own situationally unique solutions to defending their homelands.

Source: Another failed soft coup by the West in Macedonia

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