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Alyssa Milano Wants Hollywood to Boycott Even More Pro-Life States ::

Actress-turned abortion activist Alyssa Milano is trying to get Hollywood celebrities to boycott even more pro-life states after her Georgia boycott received massive media attention.

On Thursday, she released a “guide” for filmmakers that outlines which states are trying to end abortions and which are trying to expand them, Newsweek reports. The idea is that left-wing Hollywood elites will use the list to boycott states that are trying to protect unborn babies from abortion.

“Since [the Georgia boycott], I’ve been fielding these inquiries about where productions could shoot,” Milano said.

“I asked if there was a version we could create with maps to the block of people that support a progressive policy, versus homes that are supporting a hurtful policy,” Milano said. “Can we use these to pinpoint in red states where it is safe for productions to spend their money?”

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