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Alien Mucoid Slithers, in Gender Neutral Condom Ensembles, Sing Old Town Road (with Billy Ray Cyrus)

Alien Mucoid Slithers, in Gender Neutral Condom Ensembles,
Sing Old Town Road (with Billy Ray Cyrus)

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Feb 2, 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
♫Searchin… I been searching everywaieiaeeaee♫ for something materially meaningful to talk about, inasmuch as this is Petri Dish and… under the microscope lens, in the Petri Dish, I observe the mucoid slithers of an alien life form of no discernible origin. It could have come from anywhere… from under the broken sink in an abandoned trailer, in a post Katrina wasteland, where bad dreams go to die but can’t even manage mortality, so they keep twitching, like a dead frog in a high school lab does, when an electric current hits it. It doesn’t really have life so… that does make it hard to kill.
Where did that just come from? It came from a brief foray into the jibber jabber about upcoming Super Bowl commercials. We’ll be getting dueling, billionaire, presidential candidates, a Whitman’s sampler of sexual degenerates, various grades of celebrities, hawking all sorts of products, composed of mucoid slithers being poked with stun guns. There is a vague sense of dis-ease that the game could turn into a Kobe… Las Vegas style tearjerker, with the attendant apprehension that someone will say something about the Kansas City fan’s tomahawk celebrations. What it all is… is a subliminal commercial for upcoming forced culture change, where the mucoid slithers do a runway fashion walk, in gender neutral condom ensembles, while gray aliens (with Billy Ray Cyrus) sing Old Town Road.
We are going to be treated to what we should expect in the coming year, through all kinds of efforts to induce shame in those of us, who are not taking the other .05% of the indefinables seriously enough. I can definitely see teen suicide clubs competing with the Coronavirus, for top billing in the paranoia sweepstakes. After all… FEAR is the number one motivating force, when you live in a culture where the sense of loss and disappointment is the biggest fear. The glue of Materialism is Object of Desire Magnetics. It’s holding everything together against itself and the will of the widening gyre. Things may well eventually fall apart, due to an aggressive disgust with everything we are attracted to.
Yes… I can see it now, Ennui and Weltschmerz, like Bert and Ernie, marching arm in arm to a Billie Eilish video that got filmed in the Vatican catacombs, as billions of people, faced with an ever intensifying sense of WTF?!?! look for a way out and… all the exit doors are chained. It won’t be pretty. It can’t be pretty when people have lost their faith and worse when they never had any. Once the disco ball and all the pretty things and pretty people begin to melt on the dance floor, because whatever had been previously holding them together no longer wants any part of it… well… what do you do? What do you do when legions of hallucinations emerge from the sidewalks to caper about and drugs were not responsible? It’s something to think about but… no one is going to do any of that. It’s just going to happen and then? Then we shall see.
I guess I had better start thinking of some new direction to take this post in. I get short bursts of toxic images that stagger across the mind screen whenever I expose myself to the mass media. It calms down after I engage in casting out all thought and is replaced by the interior sunlight, which is what I prefer to be seeing. There was a time when I warred against the Satanity and Insanity. It was a Sisyphean thing. It got me exactly nowhere. You don’t make the world a better place by fighting it. You always lose. The world that you see is a projection of the mind. It’s better to re-purpose the imagery; turn Chucky Schumer into a cartoon Gila Monster in a pink tutu on a skateboard. Turn Nancy Pelosi into a big, drunk, purple rabbit with Oriental features (you’re not supposed to use the word, ‘Oriental’ anymore. I don’t know why) singing in a Karaoke bar.
I was once told- or I read it somewhere- that if you want to render a powerful figure with less power, you should imagine them naked. I suppose I have taken it a few steps beyond that with Chucky and Nancy. Well… they are just puppets anyway. They do what they are told to do by the snake coiled up in the back of their minds. This is what most all of those important power figures and talking head celebrities do. They do what they are told and usually don’t even register that they are being told to do anything. They think they do and say what they want to but this is not the case.
I REALLY DO want the world to be a better place but I am one soul in the midst of billions. I KNOW that the WILL OF GOD prevails over everything and everyone and that all WILL otherwise, is borrowed from that WILL, to play a part in the drama that God directs, as if it were a movie, for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. It seems like the common sense move then… a real no brainer actually, is to align your/my will with the WILL OF GOD. This seems like what any sane person would do. However, as materialism advances and intensifies, people are rendered less and less sane with every passing moment.
I expect San Francisco to win today because I believe that Defense wins championships but… I don’t want them to win. I don’t want San Francisco to win anything but an all expenses paid trip to another planet. It stands for everything that is going south at a high rate of speed. I AM CONVINCED that God is going to appear soon. It could be that he is already here. From what I see (and I could be wrong, of course) conditions have gone sideways to the point that divine intervention is required.
European birth rates are declining but they are accelerating in Africa so… from what I know of the people who ‘arrange the things that happen’, something very bad is going to happen in Africa. That’s pretty much the way it is there anyway. I AM JUST MAKING OBSERVATIONS. I AM NOT ROOTING ON THE SIDELINES. World conditions have come to the point where, with the breakdown of religions, the runaway train of sexual deviancy, the disparity in wealth, the press of the populations, the social class anger and general frustrations, due to NOTHING PERFORMING OR APPEARING AS ADVERTISED that… that… Haywire, Chaos and Confusion will be appearing on the main stage shortly. It will NOT resemble Woodstock.
The Super Bowl should be an almost precognitive event; should you be paying attention (fingers crossed). All manner of weather fronts are converging now and the conditions for a Perfect Storm are optimum (if I can use that word). Whatever it is going to be, I suspect, is going to come upon us suddenly. It won’t be there and then, Shazam! There it is! I’m not a high end clairvoyant. I’m not getting a stream of prophetic images, BUT… I find the general pulse to be erratic. The temperature is up, along with the blood pressure, although that could have something to do with the chicken wings and all that alcohol. The Iowa Caucus is soon to be doing a moon-walking, mucoid slither, across the national consciousness, as The Impeachment manifests a pervasive embarrassment, for those who engineered it. Relentlessly, the presidential election marches to epiphany. Vested interests are screaming for attention from all sides. Spiritually bankrupt analysts and announcers, who work for the media, are doing everything in their power to cast a pall of angst, anger and despair across and throughout the general atmosphere.
In forums and in the comments sections of articles about… pretty much anything, people are ALL CAPS yelling at one another. If you want a fairly close assessment, without any real details, I suggest you ponder the mindset and attitudes of the last couple of generations, that were supposed to leave home and make their way in the world but… have yet to get around to it. I suggest you look at the points of view being expressed, the percentage of uninformed parroting, the lifestyles in action and the overall sense of (lacking) awareness that is being presented to you. This ‘should be’ an indicator of the generations to follow; mind that you factor in the level of materialism they are going to be exposed to, as they develop and fail to mature. Take a panoramic snapshot and then ponder the implications at your leisure. At the present time, you still have a degree of leisure (time wise) to ponder in.
Given the appearances that are manifesting before you, in real life, in the media, at a close and a further reach, in entertainment and in politics, as well as what now passes for spiritual quality of life, it seems to me… as I try to take it all in… it seems to me that the number one concern that anyone SHOULD HAVE is to GET RIGHT WITH GOD RIGHT NOW! If this is something you are not entirely sure of, I urge you to get sure.
Providing you can put aside all anthropomorphic projections, let me state that God is LOVING AND FORGIVING, FAR BEYOND YOUR CAPACITY TO IMAGINE IT. God is welcoming and PRESENT and waiting for you. At no time in recent memory (I think) has God been as accessible and PRESENT as he/she presently is. A lot of mistakes and wasted time and effort can be transformed and washed away now, if… if one takes the opportunity to seek out the Supreme Being and say your piece; humility and sincerity both being a real plus in this effort.
Seek out the attention of your creator now, before your creator insists (in whatever fashion it may take) upon your attention.
End Transmission…….


Today’s Song is; I’m Coming Back

Today’s Pocketnet Super Bowl will be played in hyperspace between the San Francisco Butt Bandits and the Kansas City Heteros. You can get your thousand yard viewing stare here



Source: Alien Mucoid Slithers, in Gender Neutral Condom Ensembles,
Sing Old Town Road (with Billy Ray Cyrus)

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