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Actually Accessing the Truth, is the Hitch in the Giddyup to the Staircase of Interior Stars

Actually Accessing the Truth, is the Hitch in the Giddyup to the Staircase of Interior Stars

Smoking Mirrors – Feb 12, 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

The clock is ticking. This time, you know that Schiff and Shingles, the Tweedledum and Tweedledee of Short Bus Assassins, law firm that handles all things Stool Sculpture Deity centric, will be coming to the podium with real charges, with real, credible and fact based Fruit of the Poisoned Tree evidence. He’s got his people in R&D working on it and as soon as they have manufactured the details, you… the Pole Axed Steer Generation, of the America People, will be hearing about it.

I don’t usually catch much grief around these parts. It used to be a bit more rowdy. We seldom get those gunslingers with Parkinson’s that used to come and go. Now we got a more creative breed, that slithers in with false bonhomie, shading the syntax right on the edge of confusion, as to whether they be fucking with you or not. It puts you in a right uneasy place. You know you’ll feel bad if you find out they truly were sincerely inquiring about something. At the same time……………………….. well… let’s just say we get a sense that someone’s trying to put salt peter in the Playdo. I always figure if a person were legitimate they would find a way to let you know.

I’m still waiting on that ten million dollars I was promised. I can’t make the big move until it comes in. Meanwhile… Meanwhile? We’re going to fluff up our sombrero into a prairie pillow and lay back and count the stars out here in the high, wide and lonesome. In any case, all of this rummaging about here, is to state that the greatest of negative reactions I have been experiencing of late, are all due to my ‘perceived’ support of President Trump. My support, if it is even a real thing, has to do with Self Defense. Everyone else that is competing to replace him are EITHER destructively incompetent, utterly sold out, or Satanically driven. I take a man or woman’s value as being expressed in the words of Jesus Christ; “BY THEIR WORKS YE SHALL KNOW THEM!!!” I care not a wit about his buffoonery, seeming lack of class and strange behaviors in a personal manner. I am ONLY concerned about his works. This feature, separated from all else, makes him the greatest president in living memory. The only unfortunate aspect of his presidency is his coddling up to Israel. I do not understand this and I do not support it but OTHER THAN THAT? It is what it is.

We are getting to our point. If we are not definitively getting to that point exactly, we are getting to where we can see the point up ahead; keeping in mind that distances can be deceptive in the western lands. Those mountains, over cross the way, are not as close as the objects appearing in your side view mirror. They’re fifty miles away. This you will discover if you set out for them, as Mr. Visible once did, sort of, with a different topography, that wound endlessly through haunted Indian canyons, first traversing miles of date and orange groves in the run up. It was early afternoon when he set out with a companion, who did not make it as far as the canyons, and it was near dawn of the next day when Visible finally saw the headlights in the far off. His heart leapt in that triumph of will; he not realizing the highway was still ten miles away. He walked around 65 miles in that stretch, without food or water. Good thing is was winter time in The Coachella Valley. Visible quickly got a ride once he arrived at the interstate (was it an interstate?). He was picked up by a fellow who smelled like an ape (true story) and who said he was an Anthropology professor at some colitch up the road. It was such a remarkable dovetailing counterpoint that the memory is deeply etched.

So… we were getting to the point, until Visible sidetracked off into the Land of Timeless Digressions. Regardless… the angel who guards and mentors Visible, does not allow him to abandon the route entirely. So here it is, for what it’s worth. We have had more cultures, nations and historical periods that have vanished from history than any human mind can conceive of. Most recently, there was Atlantis and Lemuria. Lemuria, also known as Mu, preceded Atlantis. As for times and dates, good luck. I do have a theory however and I believe it applies to many another civilization that came before them. Technology is a wonderful thing. It contains the healing mechanisms in humanities war against pain and discomfort. Civilization IS humanities reaction to pain and the pursuit of comfort. It can also be likened to a runaway horse. Unless human morality can be kept abreast of the rise of technology, this runaway horse will destroy the carriage it pulls behind it and this is what has happened many, many times before.

Lemuria came and went. Atlantis came and went. Now we have come and are on the precipice of our own departure, unless divine intervention intrudes and I expect that it will. It will intrude in a variety of ways, depending upon the bent and inclinations of whatever and whomever it is intruding upon. Let me say ONLY THIS CONCERNING it, as an advisory and an operating guide; YOU HAD BEST GET RIGHT WITH IT. That is ALL YOU NEED DO.

If one looks upon the present state of civilization it can be easily seen that the force of Materialism has left the higher impulses of Love, Compassion, Decency, Self Control, Caring and Sharing and a multitude of others in a state of tragicomic disarray. We are fraying at the scenes. We are falling apart. We are cannibalizing ourselves. We are descending into chaos and we are getting plenty of help.

There are certain forces that are actively lobbying for and financing world wide destruction. The mystery is… what’s in it for them? Will they not be destroying themselves? I do not doubt they have an angle but… it won’t help them. The final judgment on all things in manifest life, ARE DECIDED by The Invisible Hierarchy; the Leadership Council of the Rishis… or, call them what you will. They are the multiple expressions of The Single Will of the Creator, as it asserts itself through the various personalities of its archetypes. Think of an incomprehensible force of being, manifest as light, so bright it appears as darkness, which passes through a spectrum and then is individualized in specific persona for specific tasks.

Here is what Edgar Cayce had to say about the level of existence that was present in Atlantis; “the Atlanteans were well-versed in technology that harnessed the power of the quantum world. This included the use of crystals and sound waves for healing. Elevators and connecting tunnels operated with compressed air and steam. And they used quartz crystal science to mine gold, copper, and silver from the earth. Atlanteans were adept at the use of silicon chips at levels unrivaled in the modern world. The Crystal Skull, for example, was cut with such infinite precision that “no known modern tool could have replicated the job.” They were familiar with the amplification power of crystals in laser technology and memory chips. Also, they made extensive use of mass mental telepathy, psychokinesis, and astral projection into fourth-dimensional consciousness.”

He also said, “two rival parties fought for control of the Atlanteans in its final days. The Children of the Law of One wanted to return to spiritual stewardship of the land-based on natural laws. The other group, the Sons of Belial, wanted to exploit natural resources for material gain.

The chief focus of their conflict was a third class of dull, half-awake sub-humans that the Sons of Belial used for slave labor. The Children of the Law of One wanted to enlighten these sub-beings by raising their consciousness. However, the Sons of Belial wanted to keep them in ignorance and exploit them for their own gain.” Sound familiar? SOUND FAMILIAR? SOUND FAMILIAR?

And so it goes… Cayce went on to say that many former residents of Atlantis have been reincarnating in America. He said; “Their purpose was to usher in a new era of enlightened human consciousness.”

I had a dream-trance experience many years ago where I was in a space below the pyramids. I was taken through corridors. I could clearly see Egyptian hieroglyphics on the walls. There was a golden indirect lighting, whose source I could not discern. At a certain point, I found myself in a place beneath The Sphinx, where a ceremony took place but I have no recollection of what transpired. I suspect, like all the other important details in my life that have been concealed from me, there is a reason for this.

I am convinced that previous to the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis, a number of souls migrated to safer regions and they could well have become the indigenous peoples who remain today but who degenerated into survival lifestyles with no remembrance of their origins.

People get all wound up about subjects like the Annunkai, people living beneath the surface of the Earth, reptiles who walk among us, Extraterrestrials and Dimensional beings from higher frequencies. I have no doubt about any of these as I have had multiple contacts with ET’s and on occasion there were other witnesses. One of them is the brother of Fox Newscaster, Brit Hume. I have also encountered extra-dimensional beings as well. Concerning the Annunkai I know nothing and the same for inner Earth dwellers. My ONLY concern is the Inner Visible Dweller.

There are the Zecharia Sitchins and many another researcher and author of books on ancient beings. I’ve learned nothing from any of them. I am not saying they are wrong. They could well be right but… what difference does it make? I am ONLY concerned with what changes life for the better, I care not about what happened in The Urantia Book, or Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson, or the ancient fantasies of The Scientologists. This sort of questionable, useless and pointless minutiae of What Difference does it Make, makes no difference to me. Half a dozen Nibirus, twenty five Annunkai and The Emperor of Swiss Cheese may make for entertaining seminars and provide for speculators to get rich and temporarily important in various backwater subcultures, with all the importance and glamour of a gathering of Furries or a Star Trek Convention, but is don’t mean squat to me.

I mean no criticism of Sitchin, or certain conspiracy-vested, seminar givers, who provide 8 hours of charts and graphs (each day)… the avalanche of DVD’s and Tsunami of everything under the sun. Perhaps it all works in its own fashion for the awakening of humanity but I will say there is too much, far too much STUFF. I don’t know and I can’t say but I suspect. I HIGHLY SUSPECT that all that is truly transformative and life changing IS WITHIN YOU. You contain the entirety of it all within you. Accessing it is the hitch in the giddyup to the Staircase of Interior Stars.


End Transmission…….

Today’s Song is; Floating Down

First there was a Pocketnet, then there was no Pocketnet, then there was… or then again, not.



Source: Actually Accessing the Truth, is the Hitch in the Giddyup to the Staircase of Interior Stars

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