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(3) Notre Dame fire 2019-04-15 – Person moving and flash on the roof? – YouTube

The fire that nearly consumed Notre Dame is horrible. Someone noticed a flash on the roof of Notre Dame a while before the fire, from a webcam. I looked at the stored timelapses (each hour gets a one minute timelapse, one second is one minute) from the webcam and found a shadow (person?) moving on the roof and a flash. Correction: The timelapse might not be a timelapse. Look at previous 1 min movies, the shaking of the cam seems like a timelapse, but later when the fire starts, the flames don’t look like a timelapse. Don’t know. The clip is marked 15/04 17:05 on the webcam-site and the flash is at 23 sek with some movement a couple of seconds before. Meaning this (might be se correction above) is several minutes in real time. There might have been a person doing something there about an hour before the fire started. The workers had a day off. Another correction: The workers where working but closing up shop for the day. I made this movie. Sorry for the quality.


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