Could N. Korea be a Cuban missile crisis or WMD deja-vu?

Could N. Korea be a Cuban missile crisis or WMD deja-vu?

In 2016 the Clinton campaign ran a TV ad a retired nuclear missile launch officer opined, “The thought of Donald Trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death.” At the time I couldn’t help but recall it was Hillary’s husband who “misplaced” the nuclear codes, unable to say where in the White House he’d last seen them. We understand at the time corkscrew Willy probably knew where all his cigars were, and had been.

Now according to the Smithsonian Institute, what we know as the “Football” is officially termed the “president’s emergency satchel,” made of an aluminum frame wrapped in black leather. No, there is no red button inside. Nor does it contain any sci-fi like countdown clocks accompanied by a disembodied airy female voice.

Instead, the package is devised to confirm the president’s identity when he contacts National Military Command Center in the Pentagon, and provides a shorthand list of nuclear attack options.

When Bill Clinton lost his nuclear code card dubbed “the Biscuit”, allegedly for several months, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Hugh Shelton was concerned. I guess! Shelton wrote in his autobiography, “This is a gargantuan deal.”

Now that President Trump has the “Football”-it is carried by an attaché who goes where the president goes — it’s fair, in my opinion, to suggest Trump is unlikely to misplace either the personal attaché or any such seriously important card. Say what you will, but the guy seems pretty darn organized, detail wise. And oh, he isn’t distracted with an intern with a blue dress.

Source: Could N. Korea be a Cuban missile crisis or WMD deja-vu?

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